Phakanani Strategies  provides rigorous management and control of the entire design, engineering, procurement and construction process – the development mix – and provides its clients with enhanced flexibility and security for managing change during the project lifecycle. Phakanani Strategies owns and utilises a number of innovative and proprietary software packages that augment its hands-on project management function. Phakanani Strategies uses state-of-the art technologies for internal and external communications, which include voice, data, presentation and integrated management software.

Each and every member of the Phakanani Strategies professional team is fully trained in all aspects of project management, including the control of costs, performance and scheduling, and the management of the relationships that exist between these variants. Phakanani Strategies also ensures that its professional team is sufficiently sensitised to, and understands, the need to mitigate all adverse social, economic and environmental impacts that could result from the project.